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9JAFARM is working nonstop to restore the growingly exhausted food internet business framework in Nigeria


Our consistently bustling lives and the tension on quality recreation time warrant that we embrace technology as a method of facilitating pressure and completing undertakings quickly. These and more are what Nigeria's novel agro-commerce platform, 9jafarm brings to your doorstep.

With expectations to remain consistent with its guarantee and motto, “bringing healthy farm foods, timely to you!”, 9jafarm is working nonstop to restore the growingly exhausted food internet business framework. 9jafarm intends to bring fresh farm food decisions, which have gone through the best and most expert quality checks, at the simplicity of a tick of a catch by means of your smartphone.

Advocating velocity, quality, and reasonableness, the mobile farm produce marketplace is each Nigerian's fantasy of solace, computerized backing, and headway as all fresh farm food sweethearts get their food conveyed to their doorstep directly out of their smartphones.

9jafarm comprehends that time is fundamental, minutes are important, and openings for bringing in cash, building recollections with friends and family, ought to be gotten a handle on without interruptions. Thus, the platform's obligation to taking the weight of any sort of its consumers.

9jafarm administrations include:

Deals of farm produce at fixed costs on the site, for example,
-Meat, Poultry & kinds of seafood: (Eggs, Fresh/Frozen Meat, Fresh/Frozen Poultry, Fresh/Frozen kinds of seafood, Frozen Bacon, Sausages & Cold cuts, Smoked Poultry, Meat & Seafood)
-Fruits, Vegetables & Nuts, Fresh Herbs & Spices, Frozen Fruits, Frozen Vegetables,
-Plantain Roots & Tubers
-Oils, Seasonings, Spice & Condiments
-Grains & Pastas, Packaged /Processed food items

Combo Deals: An assortment of mixes of farm products offered, best case scenario, reasonable costs when contrasted with requesting the things inside these bundles independently.

Meat Sharing.

Month-to-month Subscription: month-to-month grocery membership plan (3 months, a half year, and 1 year) that permits consumers to buy into specific bundles at reasonable costs. This permits customers to access fresh farm produce inside the membership time frame while supporting against market costs.

Individual Grocery Shopping (Shop for me): This item was intended to empower customers to tailor their orders depending on their necessities just as their accessible assets.

Mass Purchases: Customers (Hotels, cafés, cooks, and so on) can arrange farm produce in mass amounts at limited costs.

Similarly taking into account farmers to ease deals of produce, amplify benefit and remove the pressure of coordinations, 9jafarm gives a scaffold that shuts the hole between the country's food crates and their audience, giving a considerably more extensive market to farmers to get to on the web.

Consumers can shop on the portable grocery platform for as low as 1,000 nairas (N1,000) and appreciate highlights and updates that make your shopping experience consistent and progressively alluring consistently.

9jaFarm produce is fresh, quality, and directly from the farm, cleanly arranged, painstakingly bundled, and conveyed within 24 hours (month to month memberships are followed through on the 28th of consistently)


Call or WhatsApp: +2349050972361

Instagram, Twitter & Facebook: @9jafarmpreneurs

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